Survival Uses For Paracord

Last week a friend of mine saw the paracord lanyard that I keep on my keychain and asked what it was for. I explained a little history of paracord and told him and many of the different ways that it could be used.

I've come up with a list of 80 things so far that paracord could be used for in a survival situation.

Here is what I have so far:

  1. Tie tarp to trees
  2. Lanyard to hold items (knife, keys etc)
  3. Emergency para cord wrist band,
  4. emergency snare (from one of the strands inside)
  5. Fishing line (from inner strands)
  6. Boot laces
  7. Floss with the inner strands
  8. Dog lead
  9. Emergency suture ( from inner strands)
  10. Wrap knife handle
  11. Bow drill
  12. Clothes line
  13. Improvise a seat by lashing a long log horizontally to 2 trees
  14. Emergency repair for sail while sailing/canoeing
  15. Belt for your trousers
  16. Hang kettle/cooking pot over a fire
  17. Emergency sewing thread (from inner strands)
  18. Make a fishing net from inner strands
  19. Make into a net hammock
  20. Improvise a sling
  21. Hobble your horse
  22. Perimeter trip wires (attach to tin cans or anything to make noise)
  23. Watch strap
  24. Rig up a quick bow stringer when you've forgotten yours…
  25. Carry gear on your back when you don't have a rucksack
  26. A platypus hose cleaner(by tying granny knots in it and pulling it through)
  27. Tie house keys to forgetful children.
  28. Emergency tow rope – admittedly you need several strands but it is surprising what a few together will hold!
  29. A pulley line for dragging big bits of wood up the side of a hill
  30. A standby strop…. for polishing a razor
  31. A skipping rope for kids (needs a heavy knot in middle)
  32. Hang mesh frames for propagating plants in greenhouse.
  33. Rudimentary swing for the kids as and when they become bored.
  34. Abseil down a cliff edge
  35. Headband/ hair tie
  36. Bundling around firewood for easy carry
  37. Tie on to a sled so you can drag it during the heavy snow.
  38. Hang a light over the designated latrine for night times
  39. Replace a snapped pull string on older lights.
  40. Improvise a fuse
  41. Hanging mirror or other large objects.
  42. Use as strap wrench or Spanish windlass
  43. Improvised bore snake for cleaning a firearm
  44. Make a tire swing
  45. Hanging your hammock
  46. Hang an emergency whistle round your neck
  47. Pull cord for chain saw
  48. Pull cord for boat engine
  49. Pull cord for lawn mower/ weed eater
  50. Emergency Tourniquet
  51. Tying down & Securing the straps & belts of rucksacks when travelling
  52. Replacing a drawstring cord in a rucksack or on gaiters
  53. Tent guy lines.
  54. Tying your rucksack to something solid with sophisticated bushcraft knots outside a shop.
  55. To tie down a rucksack lid should one or both buckles break.
  56. To make an improvised stretcher by lashing poles together and making a net.
  57. To lash poles together to make a shelter
  58. To lash a blade to a long pole in order
  59. use as a spear(for emergency hunting).
  60. To wrap a mini maglite handle for grip
  61. For lowering equipment/packs down cliff edges.
  62. Creating a snare
  63. Entertainment during stressful times ( tying and untying knots can take your mind off of your current situation)
  64. Replacing a broken handle on a knife or machete
  65. Create a bow string for a bow and arrow
  66. Hanging a kill or your rucksack out of reach of animals at night
  67. Mooring your boat to a dock
  68. Replace a broken water ski rope
  69. Teaching yourself to tie lifesaving knots
  70. Use it to collect water ( tie a knot and place inside a plastic bottle, hang from a rock or damp surface area and the water will collect on the cord and drip into the bottle)
  71. Help climb a tree, place around the tree to add more grip
  72. Use it to make improvised snow shoes
  73. Make a sling for killing small animals
  74. Create a bullwhip for defense or entertainment
  75. Create trot lines for fishing
  76. Create a gill net for fishing
  77. Lash together multiple pieces for a stronger cord
© 2012 Max Graphix Productions